June 18, 2024
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10 Fun Facts About Cheese: Beyond Cheddar and Swiss


Cheese, a beloved culinary delight, extends far beyond the realms of Cheddar and Swiss. Join us on a flavorful journey as we uncover 10 amazing and fascinating facts that will broaden your appreciation for this versatile and age-old dairy delight.

1. Roquefort and Penicillin Connection:

Did you know that Roquefort cheese’s owes its distinctive flavor to a happy accident involving Penicillium roqueforti mold? This blue cheese’s variety is aged in naturally moldy caves, creating a unique taste and a tangy zing.

2. Cheese Mites: Tiny Flavorsome Friends?

Cheese’s mites, microscopic critters that feast on the rind, are found on some varieties like Mimolette. While they might sound unappetizing, they contribute to the cheese’s flavor and texture, creating a delectable and unique profile.

3. World’s Most Expensive Cheese: Pule

Pule, a Serbian cheese’s, holds the title of the world’s most expensive cheese’s. Made from Balkan donkey milk, its rarity and production process contribute to its hefty price tag, making it a true luxury item

4. Cheese Rolling Championship: A Sport in England

In Gloucestershire, England, rolling a nine-pound Double Gloucester cheese’s down a steep hill has become a thrilling sport. Participants chase the cheese’s, navigating the challenging terrain, making it a quirky and exhilarating tradition.

5. Cheese and Dreaming: A Unique Connection

Studies suggest that certain cheeses, like Cheddar, contain an amino acid called tyrosine. This compound may contribute to the production of dopamine, potentially influencing vivid and bizarre dreams when consumed before bedtime.


6. Cheese Diversity in France: Over 1,200 Varieties

France, often hailed as the cheese’s capital of the world, boasts a staggering array of cheeses. With over 1,200 varieties, each region offers its unique twist, reflecting the country’s rich culinary heritage.

7. Casu Marzu: Maggot-Infused Delicacy

Casu Marzu, a Sardinian cheese’s, is unique for its infusion with live insect larvae. The larvae aid in fermentation, imparting a soft texture and an intense flavor. While banned in some places, it remains a sought-after delicacy.

8. Cheese Diplomacy: A Swiss Tradition

Switzerland has a tradition known as “Cheese’s Diplomacy,” where wheels of cheese’s are given as gifts during official visits. This gesture highlights the significance of cheese in Swiss culture and the importance of sharing it as a symbol of friendship.

9. Cheese in Space: The Parmesan Experiment

In an experiment by the European Space Agency, small pieces of Parmesan cheese’s were sent into space. The goal was to observe how microgravity affected the aging process. Space-aged Parmesan, anyone?

10. World’s Oldest Cheese: Ancient and Edible

Archaeologists discovered a 3,200-year-old chunk of cheese’s in an Egyptian tomb. Remarkably well-preserved, this ancient cheese’s offers a fascinating glimpse into the long history and endurance of this delectable dairy creation.


Cheese, with its myriad varieties and quirky tales, proves to be more than just a delectable topping or a pairing for wine. From ancient history to thrilling competitions and unexpected ingredients, the world of cheese’s is a captivating and diverse landscape that continues to surprise and delight enthusiasts around the globe. Say cheese’s, and embrace the rich tapestry of flavors and stories that this culinary treasure has to offer!